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We are very excited to have you participate in our limited edition Mystic Forest project!  This is more than a cute portrait.  Our goal is to capture the innocence of childhood.  Our kiddos grow so fast and before you know it they are in middle school and feel the pressure to act and dress and talk a certain way.  

We want to capture them while they still have the feelings of innocence and amazement with fairies and magic.  The portraits themselves will capture their strength, courage, and inner beauty.  

Putting their portrait in your home subconsciously makes them realize that they are valued and important enough to take up valuable wall space in your home and will help build their self-confidence and self-worth before they grow out of that phase.

  • Your experience will take place at our studio located at 2280 Diamond Blvd Suite 510, Concord CA.
  • You can choose any date available on our calendar but you must do that within the next 3 days or another winner will be selected for your prize.
  • Our giveaway includes a portrait session with our experienced portrait artist along with a 10″ fine art portrait with full artistry
  • As mentioned in the video, there is FULLY REFUNDABLE reservation fee to book the session.
  • Lots more details are available in the FAQ lower down on the page.
  • To reserve an appointment on our calendar please select an appointment below:


Google Reviews

Arvind Arya
Arvind Arya
Great and friendly service. They take their time, and did a great job with my dog Rocky. We were worried about him in the studio but the photographer was great with him. We had a nice experience!
Verna Delos Santos
Verna Delos Santos
My kids were in awe with the studio and the unique experience that is offered. If memories are what you are looking for, this is most certainly where you get them from. Clean studios and fitting room, and professional staff from beginning to end. 5 Star is an understatement. I have no photos to share just yet, as they are still being worked on at the moment.
Katrina “Kat” Bobo
Katrina “Kat” Bobo
Good experience. Good pictures. Over priced
Kmel Grewal
Kmel Grewal
My experience with Curious Kids was amazing they handled my daughter with care and felt very one on one. They greeted us nicely and she had an amazing time. Created a core memory for her!
Aury Mazariegos
Aury Mazariegos
Loved the experience, my daughter felt comfortable with the setting and with the photographer. Thank you!
Rashel Stevens-Barnes
Rashel Stevens-Barnes
My sons really enjoyed having their pictures taken. It was a unique experience that they wanted to last longer. I'm happy for the photos of a lifetime.
ivy alexis
ivy alexis
My children and I, really enjoyed this magical experience. I cried when I saw the preview of my children’s picture. I recommend this experience for all children. Thank you 🙏🏽
We were really glad with the experience..and my daughter felt very happy, thank you so much for giving us this oppartunity
Victoria Bell
Victoria Bell
My son Zane had a wonderful photoshoot. He liked taking pictures with all the props. It was well worth the experience. The Zoom meeting picking the picture selection went well with Mary. Very insightful and fun showing the slideshow. It was a wonderful surprise to view them.

To get to know us more, you can visit:  Instagram Account or
call in at our studio number 925.492.7511


As a family business of over 15 years, we understand how important it is to celebrate our own family through portraiture and we want to encourage other families to do the same

We’ve had thousands of entrants but only a small percentage of entrants win.  We have selected winners each month and your neighbor or family member could also be a winner. 

Your prize is a portrait session with our experienced team, usage of our clothing/beautiful set, and a 10″ portrait with full artistry at our Concord studio (valued $550).

This is a portrait that you will have for the rest of your life. We strongly encourage you to have all your children participate. There is an additional fee of $50 per additional child. These children will also be able to use our clothing and have some beautiful individual portraits taken along with portraits of all kids together. 

The reservation fee is fully refundable and is just a way to guarantee that you will show up for your appointment.  You do NOT have to pay for it.  Because you are a winner, you can always do a “walk-in appointment” (please call us to find out the details of this process).  However, our calendar is often booked for many weeks in advance so if you do not make a reservation, we can’t guarantee that there will be a spot for you.  We recommend booking a reservation knowing that that money will be returned to you OR applied to anything else you might want to order.

No! Most people that go through this special experience do find they fall in love with our work and wish to purchase more; however you are not obligated to do so.  If you do decide you’d like to invest in our work, we can apply your reservation deposit or the value of your gift toward your artwork order.

The prize is non-transferable. If you think someone else would like to be chosen for this experience, please be sure to tell them about the contest so they can enter 🙂

We don’t have a price list to send out since all of our portraits are unique to each client. We price everything during your viewing and selection appointment because pricing varies depending upon the finish, size and quantity of what you select and every person wants something different. We offer a range of portraits from large scale exquisite hand painted portraits at $6000+ to more modest sizes in photographic finishes beginning at $300. Our artwork is definitely an investment. It’s created like original art and priced like original art and it’s certainly not within the reach of every budget. To give you an idea, most spend between $1000 and $3000 and are thrilled with their purchase. However, there is never any obligation to purchase anything. We have families that come just for the experience and that’s part of the beauty of what we do. We are not a digital only studio however, we do have the ability to discuss the option of a matching digital of any purchased portrait. We also offer in house financing options with no interest options, to help clients be able to get what they love most.

We’re super excited for you and are looking forward to meeting your new family member! However, for children to be able to fully participate in the experience they need to be at least 2 years old. If you are currently expecting and were chosen, please call the studio and we can schedule an appointment when the baby is a little older. We promise, you will be a lot less excited for your baby to be in the forest and unable to be seen fully since they can’t even sit up properly.

A lot of our clients typically take at least a half day off and their children out of school because this is such a special experience. They spend quality time together getting ready and having fun with each other, then have a family meal or special treat after they leave the studio. Making a family day of the experience brings back beautiful memories as the years go by every time you look at your portrait.

Don't let your kids memories fade away, schedule your photography session now!

Why work with Curious Kids Photography?

Imagination is the indicator of a kid’s success. If we can imagine it then we can create it.

We’ve donated over 15,000 meals to the local Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano.

A unique experience that isn’t offered anywhere else in the Bay Area

We provided 10 kids with cleft palate surgeries last year so they could smile for the rest of their lives and live life to their fullest.