Our studio will offer a small selection of fairy dresses and overalls that you can choose from when you arrive. We also provide a select number of flower crowns to choose from too. We always suggest barefoot rather than shoes.  If you prefer to wear your own clothes then we would suggest:

Girls: Long, flowing, solid dresses. Pastels always work nicely in white, pink, blue, purples, aqua, etc…

Boys: Blue jean overalls with simple white t-shirts underneath or no shirt at all. Accent it with a simple straw hat.

Photos are not permitted to be taken by clients during any part of the portrait experience.  We welcome you to take any photos you would like of your children in our lobby before or after their forest experience.

Our studio is in high demand and we want to give great service to every family who comes to visit us.   If you are unable to make your appointment on time, we may need to reschedule you – a reschedule fee will apply.

We block out 2 hours for your session and with our staff. Please arrive on time. We are still taking Covid precautions and prefer that each family is separate. Besides this makes for a wonderful private experience for your kid(s). Your kid(s) will get ready and typically the camera room portion takes about 20-30 minutes and immediately following your session, you will go into our proofing room where you will select your favorites and place your portrait order with the help of our art directors.

Our portrait experience is my appointment only.  Our customer service team is available Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.

We photograph fairies and fishermen from the ages of 4-14.   

 The session fee covers one child. Each additional child is $50.

Online posting of images and proofs to take home is not available. Artwork decisions are made in the studio during your appointment. We will guide you on final decisions on image choices, sizes, quantities, finishing, and framing. We DO NOT sell digital images!

As your artwork may require various degrees of retouching and added magic, mounting and framing, delivery time can vary. We give our clients a time frame of 6-8 weeks for their artwork to be completed

We are located at 2280 Diamond Blvd Suite 510 Concord CA 94520. Our suite faces the inner courtyard area. 

 925.492.7511  curiouskidsphotography@gmail.com