Enchanting Portraits and a Charitable Spirit: Curious Kids Photography Gives Back

In a world where magic and imagination collide, Curious Kids Photography has found a way to weave enchantment into the lives of children. With their Mystical Forest Portrait Sessions, this remarkable company captures the essence of childhood dreams, while also making a profound impact on their local community. Combining the power of photography with a heartfelt commitment to giving back, Curious Kids Photography has become a shining example of how businesses can turn their passions into acts of charity.


Unveiling the Mystical Forest

Curious Kids Photography’s Mystical Forest Portrait Sessions transport children to a realm of wonder and enchantment. Nestled among the towering trees, hidden beneath twinkling fairy lights, young imaginations are given free rein to explore and dream. From whimsical fairies to brave fishermen, each child becomes the protagonist of their own magical tale, captured forever in stunning portraits. These sessions not only celebrate the uniqueness and individuality of each child but also provide an opportunity for them to embark on a captivating adventure.


A Charitable Spark

At the heart of Curious Kids Photography’s mission lies a genuine commitment to supporting their community. As a donor and sponsor of the local food bank of Contra Costa Solano, the company has made significant contributions to combat hunger and aid those in need. For every Mystical Forest Portrait Session booked, Curious Kids Photography donates a portion of the proceeds to the food bank, enabling them to provide meals to individuals and families facing food insecurity. This charitable initiative elevates the portrait sessions from mere photographs to acts of compassion and goodwill.


Empowering Children to End Hunger

Curious Kids Photography believes that children have the power to make a difference, no matter their age. By participating in Mystical Forest Portrait Sessions, kids become part of a greater mission to end hunger in their community. With each session, families contribute directly to the fight against food insecurity, enabling the food bank to provide sustenance and nourishment to those who need it most. Through their involvement, children learn the importance of empathy, generosity, and using their unique abilities to create positive change.


Fostering a Culture of Giving

Curious Kids Photography goes beyond their financial contributions by actively engaging with the local community. They promote volunteer opportunities at the food bank and raise awareness about the issue of hunger. By fostering a culture of giving, they inspire others to join their cause and create a ripple effect of compassion and support. Together, they form a powerful alliance to combat hunger and uplift their community.


Curious Kids Photography’s Mystical Forest Portrait Sessions not only capture the magic and wonder of childhood but also serve as a catalyst for change. By supporting the local food bank of Contra Costa Solano, this remarkable company ensures that every portrait session contributes to the fight against hunger. Through their involvement, children and families become active participants in ending food insecurity, learning the importance of compassion, and making a positive impact on their community. Curious Kids Photography proves that art, imagination, and charity can harmoniously come together to create a brighter future for all.

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Why work with Curious Kids Photography?

Imagination is the indicator of a kid’s success. If we can imagine it then we can create it.

We’ve donated over 15,000 meals to the local Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano.

A unique experience that isn’t offered anywhere else in the Bay Area

We provided 10 kids with cleft palate surgeries last year so they could smile for the rest of their lives and live life to their fullest.